Givers Gain

On the surface, Givers Gain means if you give to someone, they will want to give back to you. By helping others they will want to help you. But that’s only the first level.

It actually goes two levels deeper than that.

The second level of Givers Gain is that the more you give, the more others trust and like you. Even if they don’t directly give back to you, the good word about you will spread outward. Soon other people you don’t even know will be giving back to you as well.

But it goes even deeper. The third level of Giver’s Gain is that giving to others creates feelings of internal fulfillment. When you give others your time, expertise, knowledge, or referrals, just the act of giving and knowing you’re helping someone will make you feel good inside.

So what happens when you feel fulfilled? You’re less likely to spend time on bad habits that ease pain in the moment. You’ll take control of your life because you won’t need TV or food or in some cases alcohol to mask anxiety. You’ll feel connected, you’ll have others looking out for you, and you’ll be happier and grateful for what you already have.

Creating an internal base of happiness, fulfillment, and connection will make fighting through every day problems so much easier. You’ll find yourself in an upward spiral where each day you have more strength and more energy to move forward and give to others at an even higher level.

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