Dress Professionally!

Good Morning Lucky 62! I am speaking about one of my favorite topics –
professional dress!

Does anyone remember how long it takes to form a first impression? 7 seconds.
How much of that first impression is formed by visual cues? 55%! In my retail career
I have led many training sessions and the most impactful on sales performance have
a segment on professional dress.

Each of you has a brand in this room – my question to you is do you get up every
morning and think about how you will dress to best represent it?

A leadership coach who referred me to client who is a Director of Sales
that needs to upgrade her business wardrobe. One of the first questions I
asked the client was – How do you decide what to wear to work each morning? She
replied – I decide based on what is on my calendar that day, right?

Wrong! By not consistently dressing to represent her company, she was being
excluded from opportunities that came up in the moment because her boss was not
always confident to platform her internally or introduce her to clients.

As you look around this room, you see really successful people who all have clients
and connections that you want to do business with. NYC says to dress for your best
client, I challenge you to dress for another member’s the best client that you would
like to meet. Dress to make your NYC partner confident to give that referral so you
can close more business.

Summer is here and it is easy to decide to opt for comfort instead of finishing your
looks. Here are some tips –

  • Choose lighter weight fabrics with natural fibers that breathe like linen and cotton
  • Finish looks by making sure you have a 3rd piece which could be a jacket, scarf,
  • jewelry, or belt

-Never underestimate the power of grooming to finish your look!

If you have questions please reach out to me – I would love to be a resource for all
of you! This will mean more closed business for you, and help Lucky 62 achieve our
$6 Million Dollars!

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