Business Development Beyond NYC: A Spring Primer

Every week we meet here in this room and network with each other and our guests.

Today I want to help you think about expanding your sphere of networking beyond this room as you spring into action with your business development now that the warmer weather has finally arrived.

Here are 5 suggestions of other places you could meet great prospects for your business or possible referrals for others in this room:

1) List Serves – these are forums and discussion boards such as Park Slope Parents and Quentin’s Friends where people post for professionals they are looking to meet. You may have list serves you can join in your industry so pay attention.

2) Alumni Associations and Events – whether it’s your high school, college, fraternity or sorority, or other alumni connections you may have, these events and associations are great ways to meet other professionals who might be looking for your services or someone else’s in this room.

3) Industry Associations and Organization Activities – whether it’s an annual event, a national or regional one, or just a night out, being out an about with your industry can put you in the right place at the right time to make the right connection for a fabulous opportunity or referral.

4) Conferences and Summits – if you attend a conference or summit, keep your eyes and ears open. You never know who you’re going to sit next to. For example, at a conference I recently attended, I ended up sitting next to a woman during lunch who was a perfect introduction for David Title. This was a direct hit with his exact requested referral from his latest commercials in our room.

5) Social and Philanthropy Events – don’t discount weddings, barbecues, bar and bat mitzvahs, holiday celebrations, and philanthropy galas. These are prime opportunities to meet people who may be interested in your business or one of ours. You also never know who they know who might need what you have to offer.

Remember: givers gain. This doesn’t mean just in this room. You may also meet others you can refer to other professionals you know – and once they get to know you, who knows who they’ll refer to you!

Wishing you a prosperous Spring filled with great new opportunities to build your business!

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