NYC 62: 9.18.13 Education – Who has heard of CRS?

Who has heard of CRS?

It is similar to “Halfheimer’s” Disease and it stands for “Can’t Remember Sh-t”.

Memory is so important to your business, your career, your marketing and your life.

Harvey Mackay tells us that many people say they have a poor memory but it might be an untrained memory.

20% of people remember by hearing………so say things out loud.

40% remember by seeing and the other 40% by doing…….so write things down to reinforce the retention.

Brain clutter and interruptions can detour the best intentions to remember.

Harvey asks if you’ve ever had a great idea that you forgot right away? Most of us have and it gets worse as you get older.

What was I saying? KIDDING, but true.

The good news is that you can improve your memory by working it out like a muscle.

Do puzzles, learn new and challenging things…..Just Do It.

Harvey gives us other tips:

  • Get plenty of rest which helps clear and creative thinking.
  • Exercise to keep the blood flowing to your brain.
  • Socialize to keep up stimulation and laughter.
  • Reduce stress and manage your reaction to aggravation.
  • Eat right such as Omega-3 fatty acids, fruits and vegetables.
  • Organize your thoughts to enable clearer understanding and retention.
  • Spend extra time with difficult material to absorb it fully.
  • Keep your brain active with crosswords, Sudoku or puzzles…..not TV.
  • Minimize distractions to enable concentration and focus.

These tips will help you stay smart and sharp.

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