NYC 62: 7.17.13 Education – Law of Weak Ties

It says it right on our NYC Lucky 62 Website- We’re a FORTIFIED introdution force. Big, effective and better at connecting people for business. 

You’ll remember last week we talked about the power of WHOA- and how it is meant to sharpen, enhance and and enlarge our connections.

When you meet a person mentally remember WHOA.

  • W-What do you do?
  • H-How do you monetize that
  • O-Out of all the people I know who’s the best connection
  • A-are they a referral a client or partner.

Professional connector Michael Roderick has something fascinating to say about the success rate of referrals’s from the Law of Weak Ties.

It says our strongest results come from weak connections.  It may sound counter intuitive to you (as it did to me when I first heard it) but here’s what he …and others…have found:

People who are closest to you often won’t take the risk to make a referral.  Business is a risk. Your friendship is more important-and why would they want to initiate something which might disappoint you?

But a “weak” connection cares only about the opportunity placed in front of them….if they’re not interested they say so…and if they are…… YES!

For a weak connection it doesn’t matter whether it works out or not.

So, that’s why strong results come from weak connections.  But a successful connection requires us to gather good minimum facts to establish that valuable ‘weak’ contact.

That circles us back to the WHOA factor.

Listen…and listen carefully for the words used in what they do and how they make their money. Write key words on the back of their card.

So, let’s agree not to be hesitant to make a referral from a person we hardly know ….

The more weak links we all have…the better for all our business!




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