NYC 62: 7.10.13 Education – Who do you know?

 “Who do you know”?  It’s the most asked question at a NYC meeting.

We’re not just looking for a matching business connection….we’re searching also for the best personality connection..for business.  And being good “connectors” is what we should all strive to be….

Broadway Producer and Professional Connector Michael Roderick told us when we are repeatedly good connectors  we become ‘a trusted resource‘- taking us to a higher level-  acquiring new access ….. additional connections …. more success.

We’re not even necessarily always connecting about money…Really? It’s true..if  you could save someone a massive amount of time isn’t that a form currency?

If you could make an awesome connection  to a person they otherwise would  have never made – wouldn’t that person be grateful for life.

When we meet people and then at sometime in the future connect them we are doing something Roderick has termed “web spinning” and he has a way for us to do it better!  Here’s the trick:

When you meet someone “mentally trigger” “Whoa!” to yourself.  W-H-O-A!

  • W – what do they do?
  • H – How do they make money? ( that’s a different question than what do you do..sometimes a the KEY question).
  • O – Out of all the people I know, who’s a good connection?
  • A – Are they are referral partner, prospect or client?

Chapter 62…together we are applying the art of putting people together….we are webspinning.

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