NYC 62: 6.5.13 Education – Three Simple Message

I’ve learned that to make any presentation more successful it’s important to convey THREE simple messages.

Conveying these 3 messages won’t necessarily get your audience to agree with you, but they will help “open the receptors”.

It will help your audience to more effectively listen to you.

Here they are: I’m happy to be here…I know what I’m talking about….and ….I LOVE my job.

Let’s break them down one by one

I’m happy to be here

Well, of course I am. It’s 7:25 AM and I’m here sharing with people who share for success! I am able to tell you how sending 3 often unmentioned but clearly communicated messages to your audience can make a real difference in bottom line success.

I know what I’m talking about!

…and as a matter of fact…I do! But that’s a decision you’ll have to make but my hair is white through experience not bottle.

I LOVE my job. The job I’ve been given today is to spend less than 2 minutes on how the knowledge and practice of these 3 simple messages help deliver the slogan of the ad agency McCann Erickson: TRUTH- well said!

I’m happy to be here…I know what I’m talking about…I love my job.

If you go in to each presentation communicating three mantras…. you will glow.

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