NYC 62: 6.12.13 Education – The 3-P’s

Last week we spoke about how you can make any presentation better by conveying 3 simple messages—naturally and with your own words and personality…. 

……I’m happy to be here……I know what I’m talking about….I love my job.

So, now you’re ready to make a great presentation or conduct a terrific meeting right?

Not so fast.   YOU might be prepared but your audience?  They may be on planet iphone …clueless about your message or exactly even why they’re even in the room!

We have an app for that.  It’s call the 3-P’s.

It’s the way to best prepare your audience to receive  content.

What are the three P’s?  Purpose.  Process.  Payoff.

Purpose.  Why is the meeting taking place?  What is the goal?

Process.  How are we going to go about the meeting?  Is it a discussion or a presentation?  Do you want me to read something or watch something?

Payoff.  What’s in it for me to sit through the presentation or join the conversation?  What’s the expected outcome?  This is the benefit statement, designed to show why the meeting is worth the time.

The technique should not be a fifteen-minute starting point at the beginning of a meeting.  It should be no more than a minute and possibly even emailed before the meeting.

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