NYC 62: 4.2.14 Education – Out of sight. Out of mind.

Out of sight, Out of mind.

Have you heard this before? Do you keep in touch with former clients, referral partners, people you’ve met?

Keep in touch with people!

That keeps them alive as possibilities for you.

For example, let’s call our founding President, Lisa Skye.

Hello Lisa, it’s Jeff. Wish you were here.

(Lisa enters, suprisingly)

Wow, talk about keeping connected!

Lisa, what can you tell us about keeping in touch?

Lisa says, “today there is no excuse to lose contact with someone.

We have Linked-In, Facebook, Constant Contact, Social Media, email,

Send out Cards…lots of ways, but no excuses.

Keep your contacts fresh by keeping in touch.

Prove your persistence, follow up, accountability and

caring by reaching out and touching someone.

You’ll be doing yourself and them a world of good.

Hey, you never know!

Keeping in touch can also be sending Birthday Cards,

through any media, which is a big hit, a special reminder

that you care enough to keep in touch.

And……you never know who will show up in your life again!!!

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