NYC 62: 3.27.13 Education -What kind of business are you in?

What kind of business are you in?

What we really do is provide customer service.

Absolutely and positively.

Our friend Sam Sklar sent this to me to share with you….words of wisdom from Harvey Mackay.

Even the most successful companies are in constant competition for business.  What sets them apart often boils down to one factor: Customer Service.

“Most companies think they are in manufacturing or retail, etc.  Southwest Airlines is successful because they understand they’re a customer service company – they just happen to be an airline.”

Look at the policies, procedures and systems you’ve got in place that either make it a misery or a pleasure to do business with you.
Also empower your people to make decisions on the spot – in favor of the customer.

Be careful about whom you hire.  Make sure they have the right temperament to insure a good customer service personality.

Train your staff to create a service culture.

Finally, measure the results financially so you know the impact it is making on revenue and sales.

Harvey notes that Amazon has technology, speed and price.  When he’s on their website and he wants them to call him, they call back in a second.  That mindset can be had by us all.  A one-person shop can provide great service because they often have personal contact with their customers.  Bigger companies have more resources which should enhance the experience.

Treat your customers as THEY would want to be treated.  Make your customers excited that you are in business. Make them grateful that they have the opportunity to buy your services or products.  Make each feel like they are your most important client….so that they wouldn’t think of doing business with anyone else.

Then find a way of making your service even better.

Thank you and thank you Harvey Mackay.

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