NYC 62: 3.26.14 Education – Plan B

“Ok………..switch to Plan B.”

Have you ever heard this?

What happens when Plan A doesn’t work out?

Harvey Mackay says that if you don’t have a Plan B…..

you don’t have a plan.

Nobody feels comfortable with all their eggs in one proverbial basket.

Considering what can go wrong is basic good sense and preparedness.

If you are presenting,

do you have a spare projection bulb or a hard copy of your proposal?

If you are considering leasing space, do you have a backup deal?

That can also benefit your negotiation position. Right Christie?

Just as essential to having backup on your computer,

you must have contingency plans for other aspects of your business

and your personal life.

You know that if a person were to confidently say:

“What could possibly go wrong?”… have already started to worry.

In designing I know that considering alternatives, Plan Bs and Cs,

I sometimes improve upon my Plan A……and it usually works out just fine.

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