NYC 62: 12.19.12 Education – Reducing Networking Friction

This is the first in my new series of Jedi-level Networking Tips.

Today’s tips – Reducing Networking Friction.

The concept is simple: I want to make it as easy as possible for people to refer me, so pick up your pens and get ready to write because there will be a quiz later.

The first thing I want all of you to do is update your email signatures to have your phone numbers, email address and website. Take a look at an email that I sent you recently, and you’ll see that my signature is like a mini, text website. Anyone that emails with me will never have a question about my contact info or anything else for that matter.

Next, make sure you update both your computer and your phone to have the same email signature. Then make sure it’s included with every email and – every reply.

This makes it super easy for your fellow networking partners to be able to reach out to you or make a referral.

Yes, I know everyone has a roster with your details, but again, your job is to reduce any networking friction that slows down a referral coming your way.

The next thing I want you to do is look at current and past clients to come up with a list of your 10 best clients.

Why are they your best clients?

How did you acquire them?

Where did they come from?

Now that you know who your best past clients are, you’ll be informed about who your best future prospects will be, but you have to take it one step further.

For each of those best prospects, tell me ‘what’s in it for them to meet you’ and keep this in mind, your referral rate is directly correlated to the quality of your answer to that last question.

Take me for example, sure, people want a nicely designed website, and we do that, but so can many others. Prospects are interested in talking with me because I focus on what they really want from their website: sales leads and the methods for getting more of them.

The whole purpose of this is to create a template that your fellow networking partners can easily recognize, and then making it super simple to introduce you.

What other suggestions migh you have to reduce netwroking friction?

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