NYC 62: 11.07.2012 – Who’s Got Your Back – Part 3

Last time we spoke, I asked you, “Who’s Got Your Back?” And more importantly, who are your lifelines in business and life?


This week, I ask you in the wake and aftermath of the hurricane… who has had your back? And whose backs have you had?


How many people checked on you? How many did you check on?


Relationships in business are more than just getting money to come through the door.


They extend to those who care about you and those you care about.


So I ask you to think about and consider this:


1) How many of your clients did you check up on the day after the storm? And how many of them checked up on you? I’m grateful that I had both of these experiences this past week. I hope you did too.


2) How many of your business associates and referral sources did you check up on the day after the storm? How many of them checked up on you? Again, I feel fortunate that I had both of these experiences this past week. I hope you did too.


3) How many of you informed your family, friends and business colleagues immediately after the storm about your situation and safety – good or bad – so they could be assured that you were safe and sound from the storm?


Communication in good times and bad is the key to your success in relationships. It doesn’t have to take a hurricane to raise your awareness of the value of the relationships you foster.


Communication can calm the winds in any situation, even the winds of change.


In times like these, your interest in the well-being of others speaks volumes about how you run your business – and how business is simply a function of something greater for you – your connection with humanity and how you serve it.


If you weren’t sure who had your back when I first asked, it is my sincere hope that this past week has helped you to answer my question. I also hope you have found that you yourself may just be the lifeline for others – and what a great gift that has been for them.


For those of you who have given donations as volunteers of your time, money, blood, and the coordination of information for those deeply affected by the storm, you may have also found new friends, associates and even new referral sources in the process.


In essence, you may have ended up having the backs of so many you may never meet. Imagine that.


As entrepreneurs and business owners, I encourage you to always remember: we’re all in this alone together.


Thank you.

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