NYC 62: 10.9.13 Education – Truth or Delusion Pop Quiz Part 2

This morning I am going to follow a couple of threads within Dr. Mizner’s book, Truth or Delusion that we spoke about last week.

 Truth or Delusion?

“Do you have to be a real schmoozer to be a good networker?”

No.  Talking would help but you don’t need to be a performer, you need to be yourself…….genuine.   In fact, it is better to be a good listener than a fast talker.  Many people think they have to be able to glibly circulate at a cocktail party to network.  Networking is about really getting to know your referral partners, listening to them and their goals and building trust…..that is why NYC works so well. 

Dr. Mizner asks: “Is networking the safest form of marketing?”

No, it is the most effective, but not necessarily the safest, because, if you screw up a referral, you may have screwed up a relationship, and potentially, many relationships around the table.  That’s why I tell clients that the contractors and others I recommend from NYC will just about throw themselves in front of a bus to do the right thing because of the investment they’ve made in our group.  I am thrilled to be able to refer to my Groupmates because I know I can rely upon them.  I am gaining from the relationship by being able to help my clients and contacts find the best resources in you.

Bob Burg puts it this way, “What exactly does Givers Gain mean?  It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you give you will immediately receive, or that you will receive from the person to whom you gave.  It means that if you establish yourself as a source of value to others, and do it consistently, you’ll plant so many seeds of goodwill that people will want to have a relationship with you.”

And, what goes around, comes around.

We call ourselves Lucky 62.

Luck is the intersection of persistence and opportunity.

Last question, Truth or Delusion?

“You have to be in it to win it.”?



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