NYC 62: 10.16.13 Education – Execute the Fundamentals Flawlessly

Success comes to those who execute the fundamentals flawlessly.  It comes to those who work hard at working on ‘the right things.’  It comes to those who drill and learn and drill some more.  It comes to those of us who, day in and day out, are willing to do the “Wind Sprints” necessary to succeed. 

What are “Wind Sprints?”  Glad you asked!  While training with his high school football team, young Ivan Misner and his teammates were forced by their coach to run wind sprints and drill during the weeks leading up to the regular season.  One day, the team approached the coach and expressed concerns that they were doing too many wind sprints and wanted to start running plays and playing football.  The coach tabled the question and announced a field trip.  The team loaded up on the bus one day and, much to their surprise and excitement, arrived at the practice field of a professional National Football League team.  The team was excited to see what the pros would be engaged in today.  

The team unloaded and took their seats within the practice field bleachers and watched intently.  Suddenly, they realized that the men on the field, the pros they look up to, were performing none other than their dreaded wind sprints!  The coach’s message quickly became clear.  Drilling and wind sprints would continue as they were the key to success.  And how do we relate this to our NYC experience?  Commercials, 1-1s, and weekly meetings are our Wind Sprints.  Perfecting our commercials and performing 1-1s on a weekly basis ensure our continued success in transferring referrals to one another.

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