NYC 62: 1.30.13 Education – Dear Professor Simon, I got an “A” because…

Welcome to NYC University.

Again, I’m taking inspiration from Rosamund and Benjamin Zander and “The Art of Possibility”.

I’ve been teaching this class for 3 years and this is the beginning of a new quarter.

You will be graded!!!!

And, you will receive homework……..duh, what did you think????

I’m happy to tell you that you will all receive an “A” for this course…..BUT, in order for you to get this high mark, here is your assignment.

 During the next 2 weeks I’d like each of you to write me a letter which begins with the words:

“Dear Professor Simon, I got an “A” because……….”, and tell me, in as much detail as possible, what will have happened to you – in the development of your business that is in line with this extraordinary grade.

Tell me about your goals and how you reached them, not as “I hope” or “I wish”, but what you have done to reach that goal.

Fall passionately in love with the accomplished person you describe you have become at the end of this effort.

Silence the voice in your head that tells you that it isn’t possible.  Think of your emergence into your true and accomplished self, freed from constraints like a sculpture that Michelangelo frees from the marble encasing it.

See your successful self and then lets chip away at the stone that blocks you from that reality.

Remember, I want letters from all of you, in sealed envelopes in two weeks.

Let’s see who really wants to spring from the stone and be as magnificent as you and I know is possible.

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