5 Step Referral System – Part 5

Well guess what? We’re at the last step off the 5 Step Referral system. I’ve actually now been using this system successfully to connect with tons of referral partners through NYC and even cold emails and they are referring us more and more business, so it’s definitely worth implementing if you haven’t yet!

So far we’ve figured out who your referral partners are, why they should refer clients to you, and why those clients should want to work with you instead of the competition.

We’ve also figured out how to make it easy for NYC people to make those introductions by creating a copy and paste email.

The final step is to start actually implementing this and following up. Here are a few simple tips you can apply to instantly make it way easier for people to send referrals to you:

• In our meetings, don’t ask people to just refer someone to you. Ask them to email you if they know someone. Like Jeff Weisskopf, he asks for intros to doctors. It’s easier to just send him an email saying, I know a doctor, and then let him tell me what to do from there, instead of trying to make a direct introduction right away.

• ALWAYS send out your weekly email, and include your referral partner (or “Ask”) in the subject line so everyone sees it, even the people who are too busy to read your email. Not sending a weekly email means you’re basically hoping everyone in the room is paying 100% attention to your commercial, which is unlikely. Use your weekly email to force people to at least have to delete it – meaning they’re taking SOME sort of action. – OH, and a final tip about weekly emails: try to keep them super short, like under 4 sentences.

• Once you get an introduction, use Follow Up Then or a CRM software like Hubspot. I’ve spoken about this Follow Up Then before, so ask me if you have questions about it. Set reminders so you remember to follow up with your referral partners every month or two, even if they don’t refer business to you at the beginning. By following up, eventually they’ll start remembering you and begin to refer people to you.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will send out the full Five Step Referral System PDF document to everyone here so you can see it and follow it and begin implementing it for you own business.

And that’s it!

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