3 Tips for Mindful Communication

Mindful communication, what happens when you are truly present in the moment with curiosity, kindness, and compassion. At work, mindful communication can help you think on your feet, seek out information in a collaborative manner, help you resolve conflict in ways that helps everyone be heard, encourage transparency and idea exchange. All of these things will improve relationships and enhance productivity.

Here are 3 tips to help improve mindful communication in business and in life:

#1: Don’t let notifications and messages trigger a split-second response

Before hitting the “reply” button, take a breath and pause momentarily. Ask yourself, “What is the outcome I’m looking to achieve, and is writing back my best option, or is there another form of communication that would be more effective?” Can I articulate my points better via Phone call, Google Hangout or an In-Person meeting?

#2: Practice non-judgement

In a 24/7 business landscape, it’s easy to get stuck in a judging role because people are looking for you to make judgments and decisions constantly. The problem is that judgmental communication is not best for learning. This year, challenge yourself to bring a curious mind to every meeting and strive to frequently ask:”Why?”, “How?”, and “Could you tell me more?”

#3: Focus on the end result

In the next few weeks and months, try to limit your time on email and social media platforms. The time you save will provide you with more time to be mindful and present. Importantly, you will learn by listening with greater intent; you’ll focus on connecting-the-dots and developing meaning so that when you do share ideas, they will be grounded in a solid “why” and a clear call-to-action.

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