Working On Your Business vs. In Your Business

Let’s start by making a distinction. It may be one you already know – and that’s fine. It’s important to keep aware and present to these two fundamental areas of work.

There’s working *on* your business. And there’s working *in* your business. So first let’s clarify. Working in your business is the actual day to day tasks at hand. If you’re an attorney like Aaron Pierce, you’re reviewing documents. And when necessary going to court to defeat opposing counsel. If you’re a Massage Therapist like Yotam Kafri, you’re literally providing hands on healing.

Working on your business is the external process of making the business better and hopefully more profitable. For example, it could be working with Anatoliy or Eric Lituchy to develop the marketing. Or with Rola Diab to increase your sales.

Both of these areas are crucial to success.

For today, I’m going to assume that you’ve got the “in the business” handled. If not, reach out and let me know and I’ll share some useful information.

In the meantime, here are four areas to look at regarding working “on your business.” Visibility, Self-Care, Support, and Strategic Partnership.

Visibility – You could be the best hair and makeup person in New York, like Sharon Becker. But if you’re not on the preferred vendor lists of some of the top hotels, you’re not being fully seen. Being visible is key. How can you get in front of more eye balls? Again, marketing, presenting, getting to events.

Self-care – Food, Peace of mind and lower stress levels, companionship and connection, sleep and exercise. Most of us here today aren’t just the steering wheel, we’re the engine, the tires, and the playlist on the stereo. Take good care of your vehicle and your performance on the track will expand.

Support – There’s no shame in getting supported. Whether it’s hiring a professional like a coach, consultant or therapist, or bringing in additional partners or employees, get more support than you think is “reasonable,” more support than you will feel comfortable with.

As for Strategic Partnership, just look around. It doesn’t get better than right here at Elevate. With over eighty members and guests going strong every week, and the “givers gain” mentality, Elevate is the most potent, most efficient way to generate business. By partnering with others to leverage multiple networks, we grow our reach, and practice our leadership.

Whether it’s on your business, or in your business, you’re not alone. Keep moving forward

Take good care of yourself and have a powerful day!

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