Words of wisdom, from the top…

I thoroughly enjoy getting the spotlight for a few minutes each week to share some words that I hope will educate, and entertain, and perhaps even inspire.

But today I thought I’d share a few from a couple of folks who have been at this “business thing” quite a while, and are probably worth listening to…

First, from Warren Buffett: “The best advice to a small business owner, or for that matter to a large business owner, is never stop thinking about how to delight your customer. Not to satisfy your customer. But to delight your customer… No company has ever failed that had millions of delighted customers.”

Next up, Michael Bloomberg: “There’s no substitute for hard work. The best time you’re ever gonna have is when it starts out just you. And it’d be great if it grows into a wonderful, big, profitable company. But you’re never going to be happier and more satisfied than you are in the first year or so of getting your business going. Because you do every single thing. You sweep up when everybody goes home. You’re the first one in. There’s no substitute for hard work. People say luck yes, but the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

Kerry Healey, President of Babson College: “My advice to a small business owner or any entrepreneur would be not to be discouraged if the business you end up with is not the one you started out to pursue. Because so often you encounter difficulties — you encounter failures. And the important piece is to learn from each of those very quickly and to pivot and move onto the idea that works.”

Lloyd Blankfein, Former Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs: “Of course you have to be close to your products, close to your customers, and think about them. That’s the most important. But don’t forget to think *about* your business. What your plans are, what you want to do next. How to take your business to the next level. Again, think about being in your business but think about your business as well.”

Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder and CEO of both Square and Twitter: “My best advice is to really work hard to clarify what your purpose is. And to be able to articulate that — to be able to communicate it in a simple sentence. And the reason that’s important is as you bring people into your company the most important question you ask them is, ‘Why are you here?’ ‘Why do you want to join this company?’ And if you hear that purpose back, if you hear passion around that purpose, it makes everything a whole lot easier. Any skill can be learned and taught. But passion cannot.”

Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League: “Being an entrepreneur can be a rollercoaster ride at times. You will have great days. You will have not so great days. You may even from time to time have an awful day. You’ve got to stay focused and stay levelheaded and keep your feet on the ground.”

Some of these fine words may be new and some just a reminder. But it’s great to hear successful people thinking and talking about the very same things we do.

Here’s to unity and working together as a community, to walking the path, taking our hits, and always finding a way to rise up and Elevate!

Have a powerful day!

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