What Does Your Zoom Background Say About You?

We’ve been conducting our weekly chapter meeting virtually for almost 15 months now and while we at Elevate are pioneers in the remote gathering game, some of us are getting a little lazy in how we show up – myself included. It’s a rare Wednesday morning when I wear earrings and makeup and have flattering lighting.

Zoom fatigue is prevalent and this format isn’t fading as we start to gather in a vaccinated and mask free society. Just like my home organization clients, sometimes you just need a little refresh and reset that encourages you to represent your best self.

When we met in person, our business cards provided not only pertinent but valuable information from color choice to font style to textual content. Now this rectangle background offers visual clues as to how we may perform in our profession. Our background should reflect the quality and professionalism that we as members of elevate are expected to uphold.

Cliff may dress a bit more casually now than he did in person, however his office is clean, organized and his choice of wall hangings indicates that he is amply educated and the presence of Snoopy adds a hint of light heartedness. Plus he always looks directly into the camera which creates a sense of trust and presence – characteristics you want in a lawyer.

Daniel isn’t sitting on a copier surrounded by stacks of printer paper, but his background is full of artfully arranged wall coverings and thoughtfully placed decorative objects so you get the impression he has a good eye and keen attention to detail which you want in your printed materials.

If your immediate background doesn’t cater to the impression you want to project, a virtual zoom background is a viable option.

Tony Margiotta’s clean graphics, bold font and point size are the epitome of successful zoom background.

If you prefer a virtual zoom background, you may want to consider a small green screen that attaches to the back of a chair for crisp and vivid digital backdrop.

I invite you all to take a moment to look into the camera and study your background – to see what we see. Are there piles of paper or a clutter of cords on your desk?

Does the background frame you nicely? Are the closet doors behind you closed? Is your bed made?

Also consider the angle in which you face the camera – are you coming at us like Godzilla?

A few simple tweaks might make all the difference in how you are visually perceived.

And then there are some of us who are just phoning it in – literally and figuratively. Our virtual meeting allows us the opportunity to attend from anywhere in the world which is amazing, no need to search for a sub, but are we really present and engaged when we’re walking down the avenue or driving down the highway?

This all may seem superficial, but your surroundings may speak louder than your commercial.

Until we are altogether in the same space, your zoom background sends a signal and it should be one that speaks to your special brand of service.

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