‘Tis the Season of Giving

Wow, what a year it’s been. Can you believe that today is the final meeting of 2018?

In thinking about what I wanted to say to close out the year, a couple of things came to mind. First I want to bring in gratitude – and not just from me to you but really from all of us to all of us. This community really does embody “givers gain.” And though business may be the entree that has us show up week after week, there are so many other nourishing elements in this meal.

Amy, Conrad, Jeff, Brittany, Matt, and everybody on the MC – thanks so much for all of the work, for being the curators and also the guardians, ensuring that we all get to swim with the best of the best.

Next, while we all get to look at our gaps and what we want to create in 2019, let’s take a moment to acknowledge all we have done this year – as individuals and as a group. Almost 6M in closed business, over fifteen new members, and improvement in almost all areas – 121’s, commercials, better presentations (looking at you Luke), and a bright new space with guacamole and if I do say so, better bacon!

Seriously, we’ve created momentum and we get to take a couple weeks off and then flow right into what’s next. And I have it on good authority that – as always – there are exciting new ideas percolating.

And so I encourage all of us to allow for our recognition and celebration – key elements when we’re building toward our goals – especially in business. I don’t care what it is – no matter how big or small – but find a way to reward yourself before the year ends. Give yourself a gift. An item, an experience, some time off, anything where you’ll get to bask in the feelings that come from a job well done.

Speaking of gifts we can give ourselves, here are three more to keep in mind. They may not fit in a stocking or under a tree, but their value is significant.

  • Practice courage. We all have comfort zones, we all feel fear or discomfort, and so we all have limits where we stop. Cultivate new muscles by practicing going 5-10% beyond where you want to stop – with a potential or existing client, in a relationship, or regarding a goal. Not only will it potentially advance the specific cause, it will set you up to handle all of the other things you’re taking on.
  • Give yourself license to fail. You cannot and will not reach the highest level goals you dream about if you are constantly protecting against failure. We can do our best to succeed. But failing is ok. Giving ourselves the freedom to make mistakes and then learn and grow from them – without self judgment – is essential in expanding our lives and our businesses.
  • Offer forgiveness to yourself and others. Life is too short to be resentful. Speak your truth, but then whether together or separate, make peace and move on. Otherwise we let people live rent free in our heads. Apologize for what you can be responsible for, or walk away and let it go. Holding onto resentment harms nobody but us. At best it’s a distraction, and at worst it creates stress.

In about twelve days, we get to turn the page and start a new year. And though every moment offers the same opportunity, there’s something special about the calendar turning over.

Gratitude, acknowledgment, rewards, courage, freedom, forgiveness. Happy Holidays my friends.

Wishing everyone a warm, safe, merry holiday and a very Happy New Year!

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