“I’m killing it in business.”

“I love my life.”

“I can’t believe I get to do this.”

“This business is killing me.”

“I hate my life.”

“I can’t believe I have to do this.”

Two sides of a coin. And perhaps you may identify more closely with either the first or the second. (Hopefully the first.) But there is something all six sentences have in common. They are opinions. They are an evaluation, built out of judgment… subjective assessment.

Ultimately they are each a PERSPECTIVE.

There will always be facts. Measurable, provable, irrefutable details. But the greatest determining factor of our happiness, our quality of life, and our success, is our orientation to these facts. How we relate to them.

Said another way, “Our experience of this life, and everything in it, is way less reliant on what we have and what happens, and way more reliant on how we feel about it.”

A common example and reminder — and I say “reminder,” because I have no doubt that you have met someone like this — is the person who has great wealth and yet is still unhappy, or nasty, or entitled, or selfish, etc. Money is essentially financial energy — a literal and figurative currency that provides the ability to do things. So while it has been said, “More money, more problems,” at the same time it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that someone with considerable wealth was enjoying their life, and had access to what might translate into ease, and the peace that can come from security.

And yet, if we don’t see, value, and appreciate what we have, then it doesn’t *matter* what we have.

And so, whether the person in my example has a perspective of believing that they don’t have enough — or that they’re somehow scared of losing it — that scarcity does not breed happiness. And if they believe it makes them better than others, that arrogance doesn’t either.

Again, this comes down to perspective. Not the facts, but the feelings about the facts.

So how about us? How does this relate to us Elevators?

Well, as business owners, and leaders, if we really want to make a difference… and if we really want to generate more clients and customers… more business… it is our absolute job to take prospects whose perspective is that of lacking and in need, and support them to see how our product or service will change their current state of affairs.

To build a bridge between where they are and what they want to be, do, or have.

To help them see the possibility in our offering, and thus shift their perspective from that of wanting to that of having. And all that goes with it.

Once they see that bridge, and that we are the bridge masters, closing the business is almost effortless.

Either people believe that things are possible, or they believe that they are not.

Once they believe that they are possible, then the only thing left to do is act. Move. Produce. Connect. Choose. Build.

Just go and buy.

If they believe they’re not possible, they’ll remain inside their own limitations.

So be conscious and mindful of their angle of view.

As a coach, people tell me all day long how great their life or business is. Or how challenged and difficult and even awful it is.

And either way, they are totally right.

Listen for the gaps, the complaints, the needs. Because that’s where you can step in and shine.

Believe in yourself, and what you do and have to offer. And then support your client or customer to connect to it in a way that has them see what it can provide.

And then enjoy their business and their appreciation for what you’ve provided.

Here’s to growing as leaders and business people, to making a difference, and generating more of that wealth. And to feeling empowered about what we have.

That’s my perspective anyway.

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