Whatever your situation is right now with the Statewide Shutdown, you’ve GOT to view this time period as a gigantic Opportunity to block out the noise of what’s going on and finally get done some of the biggest projects sitting on your To-Do List. You know what those are for you. Pick one, get it done.

Maybe you’re a Chiropractor. You have 3 Yelp reviews but 30 customers….. Email the 27 customers to ask them to post something on Yelp for you! Your business is CLOSED, your customers will WANT to help you if you give them a way! And you have the time to email them!

We’re all now pretty familiar with this Zoom video-calling thing. Setup a Video-call with someone in an industry that could be helpful to you, or someone whose personality you like, or someone you think that you can be helpful to but haven’t been able to yet.

A Video-call is basically as good as an In-person Coffee-meeting but without the half hour there and back traveling to them! Without that extra hour of travel time, you can schedule a 2nd video call, or a 3rd one. 3 real meetings in an hour and a half without leaving your living room!! Could there be anything better than that?

My point is this: DO NOT USE THE PHRASE “THESE TRYING TIMES” AS AN EXCUSE. There are dozens of ways to move your business forward even when you can’t do work for ANY customers at all right now. If you need more ideas, Video-call me later.

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