Motor On

When I was a young boy, at camp, one of the activities I both thoroughly enjoyed — and happened to excel at — was sailing. There were these little white fiberglass boats with colorful sails and names like “sunfish.”

I enjoyed sitting out on a smooth lake, hoisting the sail and catching the wind. It was calm and peaceful, and fun. It was entertaining.

As I’ve grown, the luxury to simply sit around trying to catch the wind has changed. As you know all too well, building a life and a successful business requires much more than a passive way of being. Hope has its place in this life. There are times when it’s the thing to keep us going. But it’s not the thing that will build our dreams.

If we want to create, to grow, to THRIVE, it’s not a sailboat that will get us there. That’s a job for a motor boat. See when you’re sailing, you rely on the driving force coming externally. And maybe it shows up and maybe it doesn’t. So the outcome, to a great extent, is left to chance. And if you’re the sailor in the scenario, the results you’re looking to attain MAY come. But maybe not.

When you’re sitting behind the wheel of a jet boat, like a Scarab, there is no doubt. The energy originates from an internal mechanism that can be adjusted and controlled. It is chosen and activated, and when channeled appropriately, there is certainty — the driver will accomplish the goal.

So today I invite you to take a look around at your life and, in particular, at your business. Where are you hanging out in your sailboat — enjoying the scenery perhaps, but longing for the shore or new ports of call? Consider that in this very moment you are being given access to a 500 horse-power engine. Go ahead, don’t be shy. Envision yourself attaching it to your boat. Visualize what it would be like for you to turn the key and hear the roar of that engine — the raw power behind you. Underneath you.

It’s all yours. You just have to allow yourself to connect with what you really want. Be honest with yourself about where you’ve been passive and then decide on, and ultimately take — some simple action to move it forward.

Now, you hear my words. And perhaps they’re landing. Maybe you feel a little energy, a little inspiration. If so, I’m glad. But I’ve got something else to tell you…

Inspiration without action is merely entertainment.


When it shows up on our radar, we need to act. We need to act now. When someone creates a referral, don’t second guess it, don’t wonder when the right time is to reach out. Don’t wait. Fortune favors the bold. When you have a shot, take it. When you realize you have an actual ask, ask for it.

Or else it will pass you by, just like that wind blowing across the lake.

So pull on that motor, and together let’s get after it, and make this meeting count.

And, as always, have a powerful day!

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