Let’s Complain

Complaints are annoying. And typically, complaining is something we want to steer clear of. We don’t want to be the ones complaining – being thought of as complainers. And we definitely don’t want to have to deal with the complaints of others.

But just like anything, if used on purpose – as an instrument – we can leverage them o create a real benefit. In this case it’s about getting in touch with what the problem is, letting out the feelings, and then being able to do something about it.

So today, I want you to consider yourself duly licensed to point your finger outward at all the things going wrong. To be clear, please don’t do this out loud. This isn’t about complaining to others. It’s about allowing yourself the space to think and feel, and even write down some notes. You can make a list of any and all problems in your business. For example… not enough money, not enough time, not enough leads, too many mistakes, too many emails, not enough support, poor communication, too much effort, not enough effort, you get the point.

Once you’ve become clear, and have let yourself vent, ask yourself this question… “What am I scared of that’s keeping me from fixing these problems?” Or you can also ask, “Where am I stopping? What had me stop right here, instead of going past this point?”

I relate to everyone in this room as a leader. Leaders take ownership, and then take action to implement change. Unless we’re scared. P.S. that may sometimes look like anger or frustration. But underneath it’s usually fear. So figure out what you’re scared of.

Once we’re clear about what’s in the way, then we can present the same problems in a more empowered format.

Write or say the following… “I have had to deal with [insert problem] because I have been unwilling or incapable of doing [insert the action that could solve the problem].”

To recap, let those complaints fly – on paper. Then look at what your scared of or resistant to. And lastly take back the ownership and see where you have stopped.

Then all that’s left is to take the action. And if support is needed, by all means ask for it!

There is power in our feelings, and even in our complaints. If we leverage them on purpose, they can be fenceposts on our journey to increased success.

Remember, inside every adversity lies a seed for greater growth. Here’s to courage, willingness, and becoming our best.

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