Lazy is a FOUR Letter Word

As a member, you have been vetted. As a guest you have been invited by someone who has. And so I submit without further need of proof that every one of you… every one of us, can be considered a “high performer.”

And through the trials and tribulations of life and business, you have arrived at this moment. And you have already experienced a degree of success.

And yet, I know that sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes, I do too. And I know from experience — my own, and the daily conversations I engage in with some of the highest performers out there, that when this happens, it can take the form of a voice within us that says something like, “What’s wrong with me?” Or, “Why am I so lazy?”

So I’m here to tell you today, that LAZY is a four letter word. And that you’re not lazy. And you even know that you’re not lazy. It’s just where you go when you’re up against your stuff. Real laziness is passive. It’s being constantly and consistently checked out. That’s not what you do, or who you are!

In those moments that occur as challenging, you’re likely just in opposition to an aspect of yourself. And the net affect seems the same, which is that you’re not advancing, or producing. But it’s because you’re going forward and being held back at the same time. So instead of spending time beating yourself up, why don’t you take a look at what it’s so hard to be with.

What is the source of your resistance?

Is it the incompetence of others? Is it overwhelm, and feeling like “to do list” items are showing up quicker than you can take them off? Is it lack of support? Lack of resources? Lack of downtime?

Maybe you’ve been working too hard and you actually need to be purposefully taking down time. Remember rest is active. Rest is not laziness. Rest is a choice to fill your tank so you can then invest that energy into your projects and goals.

We high performers are so concerned with our engines. Consider, there’s nothing wrong with your engine. Look in the gas tank. Look at your tires. If you’re spinning your wheels, the traction you need lies in getting more support.

Listen, whether it’s coaching, therapy, consulting, or some other form of expertise — from a brilliant member inside this powerful group, or from a source outside — whatever you need, it’s available. Even just getting some acknowledgment from someone whom you trust can make a difference.

But stop being your own brick wall. Lower those barriers and let yourself go forward. The moment you take the block out of your way, all of that energy that’s been pushing against it, will advance.

So if you’re being hard on yourself and judging yourself, just because you’re not advancing as consistently or as fast as you’d like, knock it off.

We are now getting deeper into the Fall season and on the cusp of entering Q4. And as we all know, that contains the season of giving. Every week, we say, “Givers Gain.” And they do… we do. But it is absolutely essential to make sure that we end up on our own lists, of to whom we’re giving.

You are a high performer. And as such it is your absolute responsibility to make sure you have your own oxygen mask on first. So you can serve everyone else in your orbit. Including your clients, customers, colleagues and prospects.

Leverage this group, these instruments. Make a bold ask. And then of course, show up in service and make someone’s day or life or business a bit better.

Be good to yourself, take care of yourself, and let’s take care of each other.

In all the ways.

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