How are you FEELING?

Good morning! Members, subs, participating guests, and observers. Welcome to your Wednesday.

How are you feeling today? Maybe you’re feeling great. Maybe you’re feeling a little tired. Or nervous about the commercial you’re going to give in front of 90 people. Maybe you’re excited about the closed business you’re going to report later. Maybe you’re worried about a friend or loved one — someone you know who received some challenging news.

My coaching clients will tell you that working with me means not navigating by feelings. Because they change like the weather. But feelings are also the very fabric of our humanity.

So this morning, we’re going to keep it simple — really fundamental.

If we want to be better networkers, better business people, better leaders, even better human beings, we need to pay extra close attention to feelings. Those of others and those of ourselves.

Remember, while the people we do business with will of course remember the key deal points and the elements that are promised and written down, they won’t remember every word we say. There’s too much data. But they will absolutely remember the way we made them feel. The heart doesn’t forget.

And the next time, whether they are drawn in and motivated to respond (and buy), or they are unmotivated — or worse, avoidant — will largely be a result of that emotional footprint we leave behind.

Ever have a rough night of drinking a particular spirit when you were young? Or end up getting food poisoning from a particular restaurant? There are people in this world that can’t get within ten feet of Jagermeister. And how fast are you going to head back to the place that served you up the bad scampi? You’re not. Like, ever.

Yes, intellectually we know what happened. But it’s the emotional imprint — the grooves in the records of our feelings that dictate future outcomes.

And for good reason. These are mechanisms that have been around since the dawn of time, before humans stood up and walked on two legs. And they kept us safe.

Again, awareness of where the other people in the equation are in terms of their feelings — essentially their experience of the moment — is going to serve you.

To be crystal clear, this is strategy but it’s not manipulation. There’s no malicious intent here, or trickery — just a way to maximize the possibility that people will remain open to what you have to offer.

Now more than ever, during a time when certain resources seem in short supply, and people can be somewhat closed off to new possibility, this level of awareness will foster connection, the finding of common ground, and the relationship building that will support you to really help your client or customer.

Feelings are the trail of breadcrumbs to our humanity.

And humanity is where we all come together.

Here’s to us, to capital U — Us, and to being sensitive and aware enough to pay attention in the ways that make the real difference.

Go get em out there.

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