Forget What You Want, What Do You Have?

Show of hands, who has a pretty good idea of some of the things they want to create this year? Great. And it’s good to know what we want, and where we’re heading.

But for today, let’s forget about the future. And take a good look at the here and now.

Take a look around. If you are in this room, you are a member (or at least being exposed to) the premier networking group in Manhattan. The most powerful team, in the largest, most diverse city in the world.

Breathe that in. So let’s talk about being present, aware, and clear.

When we are out in the world, in conversations about our businesses, everything we do begins with belief. Whether you sell a widget, a service, or a combination, you’re first selling you. If we do not believe in ourselves – who we are and what we do – getting hired, closing the sale, or getting that deal done becomes significantly more difficult if not impossible.

So there are two main places I invite you to look today to mine power for how you show up – to nurture that belief.

First of all, what are you grateful for? Look at things like your health, your relationships (in particular with family and friends), your faculties (nobody in this room walked in here today lacking intelligence or drive – appreciate it). Your knowledge and experience. Maybe even your challenges, if you can see them as opportunities. Doubt and desperation can be detected from a mile away. If you want others to believe in you, you better believe in yourself. And feeling good, feeling strong, can come from a clear awareness of all that we have. Right now. There’s a lot there. So write it down if you want. And when you need a boost, read it.

The second place is knowing your job. It’s knowing your purpose, the details of your offerings, the ins and outs of your organizations, and the way you get to operate inside those structures you belong to. That will provide confidence, because you’ll have easy access to information to answer questions, and an efficiency in your mental and physical energies. Instead of having to manage uncertainty, you can conserve and focus on your main goals. Get into a rhythm, and then you can take a shot at growth. More clients, bigger clients, whatever that looks like for you. Know your role and be prepared.

And lastly, be clear about how you present yourself. Know how to take all of that information and put it out in a way that will lead to success. Who are your clients? What are they looking to create or achieve? Why are you the one that can provide that?

Imagine if you had both a 30 sec and a 5 min version of a presentation ready to go at all times. I don’t mean a PowerPoint and a projector in your pocket. I mean what if you knew how to talk about what you do so well and with such ease that anytime you were in that elevator or at that airport bar or waiting for a meeting to start, and the opportunity arose, you could leverage it to have a conversation and close business?

I see some heads nodding. Good.

So by all means, build toward a bright future. But the road to it goes through the present moment.

Know what you have, who you are, and what you do.

And then go get it done.

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