I often find inspiration for all kinds of things contained right inside my daily living. And though I’m not quite religious, having recently celebrated the Jewish holidays has left me with all kinds of ideas for future content.

But just when I thought I knew what today was going to be about, something small but strong pushed it’s way into my consciousness. And almost seemed to say, “Excuse me,” as it moved the other topics out of the way.

In a word, DISCIPLINE.

As I’ve heard it so eloquently put, “The pain of discipline pales in comparison to that of regret.”

Let’s unpack this for a minute. The pain of discipline pales in comparison to that of regret. My translation of what’s being conveyed here is that we have a choice — do we take the action that, while challenging, will move us forward and lead us toward success? Or do we take the easy action or perhaps even remain inactive?

Are we in this for the short run or the long haul? Do we resist the path to greatness or do we keep our eye on the prize?

Well first, we need to actually be conscious of this choice — of having multiple options. Otherwise we’ll just keep doing what we’ve always done. But assuming that we can see the fork in the road, what do we choose and why?

To bring this to a more concrete example, let’s look at why you joined Elevate. Clearly, it’s because you have professional goals. Even if they’re not quite fully sussed out, likely you want to generate business, expand your reach and make money. And there are a multitude of actions we can all take to support and honor this goal — to maximize what we put in, and what we’ll get out. Givers gain.

There are also all kinds of reasons to not take the “appropriate” action — being too busy, or overwhelmed, not having enough of something (time, money, energy), just not feeling like it!

Ultimately it comes down to fear and the avoidance of discomfort.

So my invitation to you today, is to be honest with yourself, fully own the things you’re avoiding or resisting, and choose one to address. Even just creating a list of these things is valuable because then you can see all of your potential power leaks right in front of your face, rather than having them work against you in the background.

And while there are plenty of things to do within the chapter, consider all of the areas where you might be procrastinating, hiding, or avoiding.

Maybe it’s a pile of clean laundry that’s been winking at you for weeks. Pop the cork and get the block out of the way.

If you lean in and take it on, you’ll unleash a source of energy that will yield value in other areas of your life and business.

And that will propel you toward that goal we were talking about earlier.

Remember? Generating business, expanding your reach, and making money.

Go get em.

And as always, have a powerful day!

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