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We are rolling into week 9 of self-quarantine with Mayor DiBlasio announcing on May 2nd the NYC is still a few months away from reopening. The impact for us in our networking and marketing efforts is that we will continue to be internet dependent for the most part here at Elevate.

How do we build virtual relationships? Here are some tips with a lot of help from Helen Todd (TY Helen!).

First and foremost, it would be really helpful if we were connected on FB, LI, and IG. Take some time this week to go through your roster and update your connections. We are far more likely to see one another’s posts and reshare them if we are all connected. We can also see each other’s connections and ask to be introduced virtually when we are connected.

Next, wherever we feel comfortable, we can be recommending and endorsing our fellow elevators on linked in and google. Of course, you need to do a 1-2-1 with them and hear the great work they have done form other members if you have not experienced their work yourself to do so authentically.

Google Instructions:

  • How to Write a Testimonial/Review
  • Navigate to Google:
  • Type in a company name e.g. Media on Mars. …
  • Next to this you will see: write a review. …
  • You must have a Google account to write a review. …
  • Just type …
  • If you don’t have a Google account you can create one

Third, Make it as easy as possible for people to share, and minimize the work as much as possible for the people you’re asking to share your posts by providing them with a link to the post you want to be shared. Ask for shares, not likes.

Shares + Copy (a statement) are better than reactions or comments. To find the post links on LinkedIn, the link to the post is found in the “…” button. In FB and other platforms, you can grab the direct link to the post by clicking the timestamp.

Do your best to give people text you might like them to share when possible.

When you’re sharing and promoting other people, be sure to tag their businesses and names!

Most important, share authentically and with real feelings whenever possible!

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