Comfort Zones, Willingness, and Growth

Today I’m going to get right to the point.

Consider this, everything in your comfort zone is something you already know. I’m going to say that again… everything in your comfort zone is something that you already know. So it makes sense that if you wanted to increase a result, you might think it could be done by doing the same things bigger, faster, or more often.

And sometimes, that’s true.

But if we want to have breakthrough results in our businesses, we need to look outside of our comfort zones. That’s where the possibility is.

So today I invite you to get really honest and ask yourself this question, “What have I been resisting? What have I been unwilling to do? Where have I been unwilling to go?”

Maybe it’s making a cold call, or finalizing your pitch or presentation. Finally putting your thoughts down on paper for that book. Or maybe it’s making a bold ask, or raising your rate. Maybe it’s simply bringing your authentic voice to the table and saying what’s true from where you sit.

Whatever it is, if you can identify where you stop, what you resist, where the edge of your comfort zone is, well, then you’re on to where growth and possibility live.

And you can’t tell me you’re getting up at the crack of dawn just to look at Conrad’s very shiny hat. At least not “just.”

We’re here to grow. The path to those numbers goes through the dark before bursting out into the light.

Show me what you’re afraid of and I’ll show you where your dreams are.

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