Carry Water, Chop Wood

It may be the 16th, but I haven’t seen most of you in 2019. By the way, just to settle it once and for all, I say the whole Happy New Year cut-off is January 31st. Once we hit Feb, we lose all right and privilege to Happy New Year somebody. Ok I’m half-kidding. Do what you want – but we’ll be watching you.

So, a new year. New opportunities, and declarations, and new elevate meetings.

This is an interesting time of year. Gym registrations go through the roof. Everyone’s excited to take things on. And some will create reliable structures sufficient to their resistance and some won’t.

But here’s the message I have for you today. There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about the shiny new toy, the sparkly new beginning. But, we can’t forget about the consistent work it took to get here, and the work it will take to move forward.

Behind the sequined curtain, underneath that shiny goal, is the need to carry water and chop wood. Carry water and chop wood.

Make the choice to show up. And then show up. And then do it again. Everywhere. In your business, in your relationships, for yourself, your health, your goals.

If you’re clear about what you need to do, and feel confident you can do it, then do it. If you’re not clear, talk it out with someone – someone even in this room.

If you’re clear but resistant, create a structure. I can support you. And so can your mentor. People on the MC. The person sitting across from you in a 121 or those you meet with in your Power Sphere.

Carry water, chop wood.

Create 121’s. Shore up your tag line. Prepare and execute your commercials. Get on the speaker calendar and nail your message.

Carry water and chop wood.

You got this, and we got you.

Man it’s good to be back.

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