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It was almost eight years ago that I walked through Elevate’s doors — at that time, Lucky 62. And I was looking for what I posit we all are when we first show up here… and what we continue to strive for. Growth. Business… in the form of clients… which would come from referrals. Which would lead to more money in our businesses. And in our pockets.

And as anyone who has been here long enough knows, as a member you get so much more than that. But it’s the foundation. It’s why we *get* up — and keep *showing* up — early on Wed mornings.

So today, let’s look growth square in the eyes. And let’s talk about three main things that will make it happen.

First, Customer Acquisition and Retention: Acquiring new customers while retaining existing ones is crucial for sustainable business growth. We must invest in targeted marketing and advertising campaigns to reach potential customers and convert leads into sales. Even if only inside Elevate — commercials, 5 min presentations, 121’s. Additionally, we should prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional products or services, providing excellent customer support, and actively seeking feedback to address any issues or concerns.

Second, Expanding into New Markets or Offerings: To grow your business, consider expanding into new markets or diversifying your product/service offerings. Go do what Jim Mills does — visit other BNI Chapters. Consider it market research to identify untapped opportunities, assess demand, and understand the needs of different customer segments. You can explore potential partnerships, collaborations, or acquisitions that can help you enter new markets or access new customer bases. And don’t be afraid to innovate and adapt your offerings to stay relevant in a competitive landscape and meet evolving customer preferences and trends.

Third, Optimize Operational Efficiency and Scalability: Streamlining your business operations and improving scalability can significantly contribute to growth and profitability. Talk to Anne, Penny or Minal about evaluating your internal processes, workflows, and systems to identify areas for optimization and automation. Talk to Anatoliy, Danya or Steve Conyers about investing in technology based solutions. Cloud-based software, CRM systems, telecom, and analytics tools, to enhance efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and scalability. Focus on building a talented and agile team that can adapt to growth opportunities and contribute to organizational success. And Andrew Kahner can help with KPI’s and financial metrics to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to drive business growth.

By focusing on customer acquisition and retention, expanding into new markets or offerings, and optimizing operational efficiency and scalability, you can create a solid foundation for sustained business growth and success.

That was a mouthful…a mouth…full…of money.

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