Good morning Elevate… members, visitors and guests… Happy New Year, and welcome to your Wednesday.

It’s so great to see all of you. And to kick off what I know is going to be a banner year — for each of us, and for Elevate as a whole.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it was a really nice break. And now we’re back to get down to business.

So today, I greet you with both some good news, but also some bad news. But it’s the same news…

Whatever you did or did not accomplish in 2021… no matter how much business you closed or success you generated, money you did or didn’t make, friendships or partnerships or relationships you created or not, and referrals too, whether you traveled or stayed put, whether you feel like you fell short or absolutely crushed it… last year is over. And it cannot be changed.

“The key to a successful today and a happy tomorrow, is to give up all hope of living a better yesterday.”

So we need to let it all go. And only carry forth the growth, the learning, our awareness, and our potential.

We are right here, right now.

And the single greatest determining factor in how this new year will go is your belief.

Belief in yourself, belief in your vision, belief in the path to your goals.

Belief works just like a magnet. You can take a magnet and you can rub a nail along its side. With enough contact, that nail can then be used to pick up a few staples. The force can transfer to what it comes into contact with.

And that’s how belief works too.

As we share in this community, and out in the world, who we are, what we do, and what we can accomplish for others, the message spreads. As we demonstrate what we’re capable of and the difference we can make, people start talking. We grow and we close business.

So I challenge you today. Don’t just tell us what you do. Speak from your belief. Who are you and what positive change are you bringing into this world?

Really feel it. Believe it. And make us believe too.

In your product, in your service.

In you.

It’s so good to see you. Happy New Year.

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