Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox. We are exactly one day away from when the Sun will be immediately above the Equator — which means tomorrow we will have exactly as much light as we do darkness.

Half and half.


Down the middle.

For some people that might sound like balance. Maybe even peace. Or maybe 50/50 seems like partnership. After all… 50/50? Sharing everything sounds nice.

For others, that may occur like compromising all the time. Or maybe even just plain boring. Everything in the middle? Well, when you get your juice from living on the edge, the middle could be either of those things — boring, or a welcome respite from the dramatic swings.

What I’d like to call our attention to this morning, is the limited window when this particular fraction of 50/50 is possible.

The Autumnal Equinox — just like the Vernal Equinox in March — lasts for one day. The way we feel when we meditate or workout, how we perceive and interact with our significant other while away on vacation in paradise, or the thrill after closing a huge deal… temporary.

Our visit may be shorter or longer. And we can do our best to extend our stay. But we cannot live there.

Because to varying degree, everything changes. Everything is in flux.

Things end. Things begin. Life ends and begins.

Whether it’s the tide coming in and going out, the seasons changing, or our very breathing right here and now. Inhale, exhale.

It’s all motion. It’s all change.

So of course, we can achieve states of balance, of stillness. Of perfectly connected partnership. And we should.

But balance, just like anything else, doesn’t stay. So if we make it the goal, the main focus, we are setting ourselves up. And not for the better. Because it will eventually elude us.

And remember, motion and creation actually come from imbalance. Walking comes from falling forward and catching ourselves, repeatedly. And for intimate relationships to work at their best — romantic or otherwise — it should actually be a dynamic of 100/100, not 50/50. Both parties should really attempt to take full responsibility for how it goes.

Even healing — which the powerful healers in our group like: Carmela Bennet, Ryan Smith, Kristian Martial, and Josh Perlman can tell you — when restoring a client’s health, and the levels of that which has diminished for them, it’s done actively. Not passively.

So enjoy balance — to the extent you can create it or find it. But don’t worship it. It’s not a summit to climb up to and arrive at.

The beauty of the piano comes from learning how to play both the black and white keys simultaneously. Not attempting to play the whole song on one color, and then once finished, playing the other.

So look, people can work for the weekend. Or work ten months for two and live it up in the Summer.

But no matter the feel of the moment — work, play, joyful, stressful — it will pass.

So while balance is one thing, the word I’m going to leave you with this morning is HARMONY.

In this fast paced, unpredictable, modern world we live in, we can’t afford to wait.

Compose and play your music on both keys. All the keys.

Cultivate all states. After all, they’re all available. And we need them all.

To be able to sit quietly and listen to our prospective clients’ and customers’ hopes, wants, and needs.

And to rise up and create an impact for them, as we at Elevate always do… in their businesses, in their homes, in their bodies, their health, their relationships, in their lives!

Today is the perfect day.

There’s no need to wait to exhale.

Create some new action in your business, and in your life.

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