Make More Money with the Big Ask

This week’s make more money moment is about how to be a better fisherman.

And to that end. Ask yourself if you ever wanted to land a whale of a sale through  NYC?

If you did, you’re not going to need a bigger boat … you’re going to need a bigger ask.

Last week Andrew asked for the people or clients you know that might have a personal jet, and he got one lead, which is awesome for such a big ask.

Amy asked to meet Jack Black for her Poker event, and I was able to connect her with his manager.

Lately, I have been asking for ADA website compliance work because it’s highly lucrative, and guess what…you guys have been giving me referrals for that type of work.

So start thinking about the whales that you would be a game changer for your business, and then ask us to make those introductions…and I guarantee that you will make more money.

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