Make More Money with Quid Pro Quos

NYC Elevate is a networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

In the spirit of what we can do for one another, this week I want to talk about how we can instantly double our referrals and social media shares, and hopefully double our closed business.

All that’s involved is making a slight change in our behavior.

So pay attention and let’s all make more money with quid pro quos.

If you share something on mine on social media, I won’t just say thank you; I’ll reach out to you to see what I can share of yours.

If you follow me, I’ll make sure I follow you.

If you refer me, I’ll reach to you to see whom I can introduce you to, and if that’s not possible I’ll at least share something of yours on my social media.

So each and every time a fellow member does us a favor by referring us or sharing something of ours, make sure you return the favor immediately, and that will not only double the amount of our activities, I guarantee that we will all make more money.

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