Make More Money with a Proper “Thank You” Commercial

In the past few weeks, we learned that we are sitting on a gold mine here at Elevate.

We learned that we can’t just stare at the dirt and hope gold ends up in our pocket.

We learned that we need to set goals for our gold mine to make sure we expend the right effort to ensure a proper return on investment.

We learned that we become the ‘go to’ person in our profession by building relationships over time.

We learned that a better approach at Elevate is to be proactive using all the tactics discussed during these Make More Money Moments instead of waiting for referrals to magically appear.

So now that you’ve started receiving referrals, you like expressing gratitude for those referrals, and that’s awesome!

But be aware that there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

And the right way will allow you to get more referrals just like the one you just received.

So how do you make more money by expressing gratitude?

You can use the full 30 seconds of your commercial to thank the person who gave you a referral and then you can teach the rest of us why that was a perfect referral and how we can make more of those type of referrals.

Typically, this type of commercial has the following format.

  • I want to thank Someone for the perfect referral. Tell us who deserves your gratitude.
  • It was a perfect referral because, why? Educate us on why that referral is so good.
  • And wrap it up by telling us how we can make more introductions like that.

This format allows you to express gratitude towards the fellow member who gave you a referral and it trains the rest of us on how to make similar introductions.

So the next time, you want to thank someone for a referral, use your commercial to do it the right way, and I guarantee that you’ll get more referrals and … make more money.

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