Make More Money Understanding The Impact Of Online Reviews And Referrals

NYC Elevate is a million dollar a month, networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people asking for reviews in their weekly email to the group, and that’s a good tactic.

But I know first hand that many of you might be disappointed by the lack of response you get.

Years ago, I was pissed at Amy when she didn’t leave me a review when I first asked her!

But at the time she said: “I never worked with you. How can I leave you a legit review?”

I told her I was still pissed … but now it was at myself for not understanding that Google’s AI is pretty smart.

If someone hasn’t really worked with you, Google has a way of flagging those bogus reviews and not allowing them, so it’s wasted effort anyway.

A better way would be going with a laser-focused approach by personally reaching out to every member that actually worked with you, and do it over time, maybe one per week, so that your review-flow is truly organic.

Remember this is a long term, brand building process, so don’t gum up the process with shortcuts.

But maybe we should pause and take a step back.

Many of you might be thinking that you get all of your business through referrals, so why should you waste your time getting reviews?

When I tell someone to use your services, they treat the word of Conrad like the word of God.

In years past, a referral from me was like putting cash directly into your pocket.

However, in 2023, everyone confirms the word of God…and Conrad, with the word of Google.

So even if I say you’re the best at what you do, but your Google reviews do not, that referral might not call you.

And that’s because everyone wants verification that the story I told is true.

Remember, I’ve used my Elevate clients to not only help me get to #1 on Google Reviews; I repeated the process years later when my Elevate clients helped propel me to the top 1% in the USA on UpCity.

Bottom line: If you specifically use your Elevate clients to leave you five stars reviews, you will not only make more money out of Elevate; you’ll make more money from the people reading your reviews.

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