Make More Money Speaking French?

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You may have heard that I took a train to Montreal a few weeks ago because I like subarctic temperatures.

Anyway, a funny thing happened.

In Montreal, I felt self-conscious about trying to speak my rudimentary French, so I made all of the locals speak to me in English.

Well, then we took the train down to Toronto, where they only speak English and all my wife and I wanted to do was speak to each other in French.

So how does that apply to us here at Elevate?

I think many times the advanced techniques of networking might seem foreign to us, and then we fear what others may think about us if our initial attempts at implementing these more advanced techniques aren’t super polished.

And then we don’t attempt to do these things, and then wonder why we didn’t quite make the money we wanted to make last year.

So let’s think about the fear of not doing something correctly or the fear of failing. The first thing to understand is that failure doesn’t exist.

If you don’t do something correctly the first time or the tenth time that’s called learning lessons, and the quicker you “fail” the more lessons you will learn and the quicker you’ll become good at doing something; and the quicker you’ll get to making more money.

Remember, that you’re in a safe place here. Your fellow members want to see you succeed and they want to help you, so act in spite of your fear; try some of the more advanced techniques that we discuss each week, and I guarantee that you’ll see great results.

Now, in the spirit of making more money and acting despite my fear, I’m going to close with some of the more advanced French words that my wife taught me …

Yves Saint Laurent; LaCroix; Louboutin; Givenchy; Chanel

And for those of you who don’t speak French, my wife said that translates into ‘You better make more money!’

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