Make More Money Not Selling On 121s

Elevate is a networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

This week’s make more money questions is on how not to have a 121 with a fellow member. Here’s the concern:

“I’ve recently had 121s with some members that were awkward. During our 121, I was subjected to their “hard sell” which I find distasteful. Don’t people know this is a big no-no on 121s?”

Let’s take a look at our former member, Amy Joelle. She was our top physicist, selling the world’s best nuclear reactor.

Every time I had a 121 with Amy Joelle, she would spend the full 30 minutes telling me how her nuclear reactor would vastly improve my website development operations for the low cost of $10 billion dollars.

And because I didn’t get to talk about my business, Amy Joelle didn’t get to learn about me and find out that a nuclear reactor would not be a good fit for a small website operation.

But the real disservice she did to herself, was she didn’t find out about my 10 clients that run nuclear power power plants, and because I’m a little dense, I didn’t make the natural connection that these clients might be interested in her nuclear reactors.

121s are not sales meetings to pitch your services and get one sale.

121s are important business development meetings, so use these meetings to get to know each other and your clients better, and you’ll not only get into their rolodex of thousands of clients, contacts, friends and followers, I guarantee that you’ll get dozens of sales and make more money.

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