Make More Money Keeping Your Contact Info Up To Date

NYC Elevate is a million dollar a month, networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

Last week I was really upset that I reached out to a member here in the chapter and I didn’t hear back from them.

Then a day went by and then a week went by without a reply.

And I’m like WTF?

Then it dawned on me that this member changed companies not too long ago and that I emailed them at their old address, not because I didn’t have their new address, but because the email that defaulted was the old one.

So it was my fault that I didn’t hear back from them.

And here are your takeaways.

First, give your fellow members the benefit of the doubt and the charitable assumption that maybe they didn’t see your message for some reason.

Maybe it went to spam or they accidentally archived it, or maybe you sent it to the wrong email address.

When this happens, I now follow up with a text.

On the other side, please make sure your information is up to date on both the Elevate website and NYC Global Connect.

And furthermore please follow up with the chapter as a whole using your weekly email telling members to both store your new information and to delete your old information.

The bottom line in networking is … if people have your current contact info, I guarantee that they can get in touch with you and that you’ll make more money.

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