Make More Money Getting A Genie To Grant You 3 Wishes

NYC Elevate is a million dollar a month, networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

And I was walking down 57th Street the other day when a genie appeared before me and told me she would grant me three wishes.

I said, “Nice! First, I want you to make getting referrals super easy and by the way, I don’t want to do any work at all.”

Her response was “Dude, I’m a genie not a miracle worker!”

I said “OK, then I wish you were a miracle worker!”

She said “That’s not allowed, and now you’ve wasted two wishes.”

I said “Dang! We’ll then give me a coach with all the knowledge in the world on how to build my business through networking!”

She said “You asked for these same three wishes last year and I made you the coach!”

Elevators, every time we do an Elevator Accelerator, one of the topics is ‘How come getting referrals isn’t easier. I joined Elevate for easy referrals.’

And therein lies the rub, because that’s a misconception about what Elevate can do for you.

Elevate is not supposed to be easy. Making money has never been easy.

Elevate is supposed to be an accelerator.

Do you get business outside of Elevate. We will help you accelerate that.

Do you get referrals outside of Elevate. We will help you accelerate that.

But you need to understand that everything we do at Elevate requires you to work both hard and smart, and if you work hard and smart, Elevate will get you results faster.

And just as the genie was leaving, I said “please grant me a fourth wish.”

She said “Ask and you shall receive. What do you want?”

Can you tell me the easiest way to get referrals while doing the work?

And she said the easiest way to get referrals while doing the work is to look at the referrals you give and here’s how you can give more, and then she whispered in my ear.

So Elevate, I’m going to grant your wish and tell you the genie’s secret next week, and I guarantee that if you do what the genie told me, you will not only give more referrals, you will get more referrals and you’ll absolutely make more money.

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