Make More Money from Crappy Referrals

Did you ever get a crappy referral?

One with no direct introduction?

One that is to someone that can’t use your service?

I know your first inclination will be disappointment, but forget about that and get your pens ready to write … because this week I’m going to help you to make more money from crappy referrals.

First, adjust your attitude. Instead of being disappointed that your fellow member gave you a crappy referral, consider this: They thought about you and were trying to make something happen, so that’s actually a really good thing.

And, remember that no one intends to give a crappy referral, so give them the benefit of the doubt.

So how do you make more money from a crappy referral?

Contact the member that gave you the referral; express gratitude for the referral and then educate your fellow member on what are good referrals for you … something like this …

Hey Jacklyn,

I really appreciate you referring me for the dog walking gig, but I don’t really provide that service. Good referrals for me might be referring me to dog walking services who need a good website. Let’s schedule a quick 121 to do a refresher on each other’s business and good prospects. How’s that sound?


Hey Kelly,

Thanks for sending me a picture of the catering truck, but I really don’t do cold calls. I am looking to build websites for catering companies, but I’m looking for warm introductions.

In this last instance, I know that Kelly does cold calls and will accept pictures of trucks so she can look them up and make a call. However, I do not do cold calls.

So what might be a good referral type for one member: cold calls, might not be a good referral type for another member.

The key here is to make sure you train your fellow members on what are good referrals and referral types for you.

If you would like some additional coaching on how to turn referral lemons into lemonade, please see me after the meeting…. Now get out there and make more money!

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