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This week I’m going to talk about former member Amy Joelle, nuclear reactors and expressing gratitude.

After Amy Joelle stopped trying to sell me nuclear reactors on our 121s, we were able to have more productive meetings and I was able to start referring her to my Nuclear Power Plant clients.

And because Amy Joelle was happy to get those referrals, she wanted to express her gratitude, so when Jeanie asked for testimonials at the end of the weekly meeting, Amy Joelle put her hand up and said “I want to thank Conrad for referring me to his nuclear power plant clients. He’s a great guy!”

And as you can imagine I was really pissed at Amy Joelle because that is not a good testimonial for me.

I would have really appreciated it if Amy Joelle would have given me a testimonial like this: “My new nuclear reactor company website has been awesome at helping me engage my target clients and that’s helped me get a lot more sales leads.”

That is a great testimonial because it builds confidence in my ability to deliver high quality websites that actually perform for my clients, so if you’re really grateful, help the person that gave you a referral, get more referrals for themselves.

However, if Amy Joelle wanted to thank me for referring her and get a bonus in the process, there is a better way to do that by using her full 30 seconds commercial.

Here’s an example:

“I want to thank Conrad for a perfect referral to Mary Smith. This was a perfect referral because Mary runs the largest nuclear power plant in New York State and people like Mary are interested in the next generation of nuclear reactors that cost half the price and generate twice the electricity. If you know anyone that runs a nuclear power plant, please let me know and I’ll help you make this perfect introduction.”

So to recap: Don’t thank someone for a referral in the testimonial section of the meeting. That doesn’t help them.

Next, use your 30 seconds to give a great thank you commercial with the following format:

  • I want to thank someone for the perfect referral. Tell us who deserves your gratitude.
  • It was a perfect referral because, why? Tell us why that referral was so good.
  • And wrap it up by telling us how we can make more introductions like that.

This format allows you to express gratitude towards the fellow member who gave you a referral and it trains the rest of us on how to make similar introductions.

So the next time you want to thank someone for a referral, use your 30 second commercial to do it the right way, and I guarantee that you’ll get more referrals and … make more money.

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