Make More Money Doing Things You Don’t Know How To Do Redux

NYC Elevate is a million dollar a month networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

We started off the year:

  • Setting goals
  • Learning to do complex things like solving a Rubik’s cube, which is step by step.
  • Having the right mindset when learning which is that it takes a lot of practice to get good
  • And having the courage to put yourself out there with no excuses

And this is a true story that illustrates the points I just made.

Last year, I was working out with my tennis coach and he proposed a drill to work on one of my weaknesses.

And without waiting a beat, I said ‘I’m not good at that … so I don’t want to practice it.’

Can you believe I just said: ‘I’m not good at that … so I don’t want to practice it.’

And I was only half kidding.

I play tennis pretty well; winning 75% of the 150 matches I play every year, but my ego was really suffering with this one skill, so I really didn’t want to practice it.

How does this apply to Elevate?

Quite often I have conversations with fellow members where they tell me that they would like to be more effective at Elevate and make more money.

And then I ask them if they employ any of the advanced networking tactics that I teach every week and invariably, the answer is no.

But why?

Because they aren’t comfortable trying something new and potentially failing.

So they never get better at it and they never make more money.

Back to me and tennis; I decided to work on that skill regardless of the discomfort that my ego felt and now my win percentage is above 80%

The bottom line: If you work on our advanced networking tactics consistently regardless of the initial discomfort your ego feels, you’ll not only get better at doing them, I guarantee that you’ll make more money.

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