Make More Money by Selling Less

How would you like to make more money by selling less?

Did I say selling less?

In fact, you can make more money without selling anything.

So how do you do that?

It’s simple: by helping people and solving their problems.

Sounds simple enough so how do you start to do that better?

In my case, at the beginning of a potential relationship, I start every one of my initial calls with a prospective client the same way. I say “tell me what’s going on with your business and your website and I’ll figure out if we can help.”

And on the other side of the phone, I hear a big exhale of relief every time because they now know that I’m focused on their problem and I’m not trying to sell them anything.

Invariably, they tell me that when they called my competitors, my competitors told them about their pricing, minimum engagements, their extensive capabilities and bona fides, and that they didn’t get to discuss their project until they were 15 or 20 minutes into the call.

Those things are important to discuss, but none of it matters unless you know what the problem is and that they know that you care.

So when you get back to the office focus on helping people and solving their problems with your offerings, and a strange thing will happen…you will definitely make more money.

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