Make More Money by Reducing Networking Friction

In general, there are two types of referrals that we can give: passive and proactive.

So today’s make more money money moment is how to reduce networking friction and get more proactive referrals, so get your pens out and ready to write.

Let’s use John Cipplone as an example.

If someone says ‘hey Conrad, I’m have a cross border tax issue, of course, I’m going to refer our international man of mystery and taxation, John Cippolone.’

This is an easy type of referral where someone asks for help.

But the bigger pot of gold at NYC is from the pool of people that are not yet asking for help.

And every week, as we go around the room, we mostly ask for introductions to people that don’t know we exist and don’t know they need our help.

After John gave his 5 minute presentation recently, I thought of my real estate developer client. They have a lot of foreign investors, but they also didn’t ask for John’s help.

I did my part, which was recognizing an opportunity for John.

The next part was for John to reduce networking friction by writing me an email in the third person, so I can copy, paste and send to my client without having to change pronouns.

Here’s what he gave me ..

Hi Nancy,

I just had breakfast with John Cippolone. He is one of the top CPA’s in Manhattan with international tax expertise.

He deals exclusively with non US investors and the various cross border tax complications that they have.

As such, I thought he might be a good contact for you and your foreign investors.

Please let me know if you would like an introduction to John, and I would be happy to make that happen.

If John didn’t write that email, I would not have been able to make the introduction.

So when your fellow member reaches out and says they have a contact for you, your response shouldn’t be to say ‘you know me so make the intro.’

You need to do your own heavy lifting and craft an email that will entice that possible referral to want to connect with you.

The better you do that, the better the chance that they will want to connect with you.

So the next time a fellow member says they have a possible introduction for you, get ready to write an awesome email with an amazing hook and you’ll definitely make more money with those proactive referrals.

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