Make More Money Beyond Direct Referrals

NYC Elevate is a one million dollar a month networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

Every week I tell you that you can make more money through Elevate beyond direct referrals and here’s a recent example.

As you know, I’m already the number one rated web firm in NYC on Google Reviews and I get a lot of business because of that.

So I was thinking where else can I get leads because of my reputation and highly rated reviews.

In my business there’s a website developer directory that gets a lot of traffic from people looking for my services, but e9digital was buried 10 pages deep.

So last month, I reached out to all the members that have done business with me over the last decade and asked them to leave me a 5 star review there.

Keep in mind that this is totally legitimate. I have done business with each of these people and these people are legitimately 5 star happy.

And with just those reviews e9digital has risen to the top 1% of web firms in NYC and nationwide, and now I’m starting to see sales leads because of my ranking there; and of course I’m going to credit Elevate with all of the business that comes out of that channel.

So start thinking about how else you can leverage Elevate beyond direct referrals and I guarantee that you will make more money.

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